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Vladimir Stankovic

International Telecommunication Union
Program Officer at Strategic Planning and Membership Department
Geneva Area, Switzerland
18 years of experience working with the UN system for the governments and intergovernmental organizations in New York, Belgrade and Geneva. 

Skilled in creative policy making, negotiations, strategic planning, event management, and creative storytelling. Always working on improving interpersonal skills as well as the ability to inspire the team to give our best, with strong dedication to written and verbal communication skills, all based on an understanding of the vision. 

International civil servant with Master of Law focused on ICT policy making, and BA in International Studies and Mathematics, focused on understanding global economy, international politics, and multilateral relations within the UN system. 

Dedicated to promoting international sustainable cooperation, meaningful use of technology, advancing UN goals and ITU’s objective to connect the world. Since 2014, part of the World Summit on the Information Society Secretariat at ITU.