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Donny B.U.

Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of Indonesia
Expert Staff
Jakarta, Indonesia
Donny B.U. (Mr.) now is serving as the Expert Staff to the Indonesian Minister of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) for Digital Literacy and Internet Governance.

In 2002, together with his fellows, Donny founded ICT Watch (ictwatch.id), the Indonesian ICT civil society organization (CSO) that laid the foundation for the responsible use of Internet through the nationwide campaign. This campaign, namely Internet Sehat (Internet forged a nation of informed citizens, subtly pre-empting the possibility of new government limits on free expression.

In May 2016 at Geneva, ICT Watch gained an international achievement, the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Champion (runner-up) award, from the United Nations (UN) – International Telecommunication Union (ITU), under the “Ethical Dimensions of the Information Society” category. UN / ITU considered that the Internet Sehat program is a model of strategy for delivering online ethics and digital literacy advocacy to the public. In the very next year, in June 2017, for the same award and category, ICT Watch selected as the WSIS 2017 first winner.

He was awarded an Ashoka fellowship in 2012 for his social entrepreneur activities that focus on online freedom of expression, cyber activism and citizen journalism. He is also co-founder of Southeast Asia Freedom of Expression Network (SAFENet – safenetvoice.org), Indonesian CSOs Network for Internet Governance (ID-CONFIG – id-config.org) and Indonesia Internet Governance Forum (ID-IGF – igf.id). As a new media lecturer at reputable private universities in Jakarta, he teaches cyber journalism, digital media, e-business and communication technology development. He started his career as ICT journalist in 2009 at Detikcom (detik.com), the biggest online media in Indonesia, and then finally served the company as Vice President until his resignation in 2011. He travels widely in Indonesia in order to share his ideas and experiences with various campus activists, civil societies and communities.

He may contacted via email dbu[at]donnybu.id.

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