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Sophie Veraart

Communication manager
The Hague, The Netherlands
Since 2010 I got involved in the Dutch IGF (NL IGF). We think it is quite important for the national internet debate and international developments to be interwoven. Issues that must be dealt with nationally can be put on the international agenda, whereas it is also important for us to contribute to issues that are of international importance. The Internet Governance Forum offers the opportunity to do so.
Withing the NL IGF, the ministry of Economic Affairs, SIDN (the Foundation for Internet Domain Registration in the Netherlands) and ECP | Platform for the Information Society are collaborating to bring the importance of the IGF to the attention of Dutch stakeholders. My job is to invite stakeholders to participate in consultations around themes concerning internet governance, so as to give NL IGF input for issues we could and wish to put on the international IGF agenda. Besides I also bring the Dutch participants of the IGF together so they can exchange knowledge and experiences in order to have a strong Dutch delegation. In that way we hope to realize a firm embedding of the international results into our national policy and, on the other hand, to make the Dutch voice heard internationally.