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Martha Giraldo

Bogotá, Colombia

The engines that move my life are “nature” and “consciousness allignment”. I live in a nature reserve on the outskirts of Bogotá. I´m a gardener and bird-watcher.
I studied Systems Engineer and used to engage in innovative projects that leverage the benefits of using ICTs mainly in the public sector. I directed the planning phase of the project for strengthening public libraries in Colombia -Culture Ministry (2013)-, and previously I was the Director for RENATA, the national advanced academic and research institutions network - connected to GEANT  (Europe) and Internet2 (USA)-.This were my last two jobs.
Now, I´m promoting the concretion of MINGAnet (www.minganet.org) a civil society based organization, a network of networks of “solidary circuits” (mingas) ,aimed to join efforts to help transforming our actual system to a "life centered" one.
Being a VSM fan, having had the opportunity to share a few beers with Stafford Beer and having participated of four syntegrations, I´m very much interested in applying this methodology to advance more effectively on the strategic questions related to MINGAnet organization and development.
I´m specilly Interested in “dialogue” as the tool for weaving, interested in "platforms" for communicaton, sharing information and knowledge and interested in “organization” issues- specially governance, decision making processes into democratic organizations.