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Sonia Livingstone

Department of Media and Communications, London School of Economics and Political
Sonia Livingstone is a full professor in the Department of Media and Communications at LSE. She is author or editor of eighteen books, including Children and the Internet: Great Expectations, Challenging Realities (Polity 2009), Harm and Offence in Media Content: A review of the empirical literature (with Andrea Millwood Hargrave, Intellect 2009), Media Regulation: Governance and the interests of citizens and consumers (with Peter Lunt, Sage 2012); Children, Risk and Safety Online: Research and policy challenges in comparative perspective (edited with Leslie Haddon and Anke Görzig, Policy 2012) and Digital Technologies in the Lives of Young People (edited with Chris Davies and John Coleman, Routledge 2014).

Sonia directs the 33-country network, EU Kids Online, funded by the European Commission’s Better Internet for Kids Programme. She also directs The Class, within the MacArthur Foundation-funded Connected Learning Research Network. She is currently a Faculty Fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society. She serves on the Executive Board of the UK's Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS), for which she is the Evidence Champion. She has served on the Department of Education's Ministerial Taskforce for Home Access to Technology for Children, the Home Secretary’s Taskforce for Child Protection on the Internet and the boards of Voice of the Listener and Viewer and the Internet Watch Foundation. She has variously advised with the EC, Ofcom, UNICEF, ITU, OECD and others.

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